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Many of you know we celebrated Zega’s Birthday two months ago… My little Adventurous boy turned one! And today, I would like to take this opportunity to write a letter for him, though I know he is not going to read this until 10 years from now. But time flies and I know one day as a mom I will be amazed how much he will have grown and learned.

Dear Zega (my son),

May 5, 2016. That’s the exact date I found out I was pregnant with my second child. My first reaction was very happy, excited and nervous because I know motherhood is not easy! But I was wrong, you’re the easiest baby I know! You hardly ever cry. You’re very calm and so observant…. Travelling with you between the age of 4 months old until one year was not a problem. So much that people admired how easy you are. So I called you my Adventurous Baby.  I remember, every party we went to, other guests would wait for you to cry and complain. So, then I called you my Little Social one – You like to explore and find new things but most of all you like to eat and feed yourself with a spoon, even though it sometimes makes a big mess. After eating with a spoon, you like to hang on to it until you fall asleep.  I’m guessing one day you could   be a chef or a food critic. You like books, pens, paper and markers. So maybe even a writer one day? You could also be a wrestler since we wrestle every time I change your diaper. You like to ride your little car with your dad, we think you can be a rider… You’re fascinated with dogs & cats and you like to climb and like to run. My boy.. my son Zega, I have so many wishes and hopes for you. I know one day you will make your own decision but I hope you always remember to follow your heart, pursue your dreams, and never give up! Your family is always here for you.


I love when you hold my face and kiss me. You’re the sweetest boy I ever had. Every time your dad bites your chubby rolls you don’t cry – you shake your head instead to show him not to do it! I believe you’ll be a strong man of few words but you will know how to express how you feel. And I know you have compassion with others – I witness that with my two eyes. One time your sister fell pretty hard, while you were sleeping. You woke up because you heard her crying. Right away you stood and walked towards her and held her face as you hugged her and cried with her. I love to see how you comfort your sister and I know one day you will be a kind and very responsible man.

I love you Zega. Life can be tough and sometimes will make you feel down but always remember that is only a challenge and you will get through it! I believe in you.

Thank you so much for being such good boy, I love you sweetheart….and I’m so glad having  you as my son. Thank you for giving me this beautiful journey!





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Photographer-  Craig Lee 

Dessert Table Backdrop : Artificial 22 inch Wreath with 10 inch of 1 wooden Number 

Party favors-  Mini succulent plants 

Table Details: Burlap table runner with artificial Ivy leaves vine

Centerpiece- Scented Pine cones and Candles and fresh flowers


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