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I am so excited to share with you this fantastic new product from Vitapod.

Since school is going back, it’s such a busy and exciting time for everyone in the family, and the challenge of keeping our kids and ourselves hydrated is on top of our minds. Water makes up 45% – 75% percent of your body weight, and the average person needs around 1.5L – 2L of water each day to function effectively on busy, warm days. But if we’re honest, water can get a little boring after a while; that’s why it can be easy for us to skip a drink when we aren’t as active. Vitapod has solved that problem for us!

What is Vitapod

Vitapod is billing itself as “healthier than water.” This pod-based drink system promises it will first filter, then cool your water. Using a unique pod loaded with boosters will infuse your water with flavor and essential vitamins, electrolytes, and plant antioxidants, that your body needs and makes every sip complete. Vitapod enhances every aspect of your typical drinking water.


Vitapod is easy to use

The Vitapod releases the pod’s contents into the clear mixing chamber, where the contents are mixed by blades moving at 690 RPM, so there are no clumps or residues. Just fill the removable water reservoir with water, and it will automatically filter it for 10 minutes. When you are ready for a tasty beverage, just pop in a pod, you can customize the size of your drink, from 3.5 ounces (88ml) to 8 ounces(236ml), or a full 16.9-ounce drink(500ml), just by pushing the button.

Vitapod says it’s worked with scientists and doctors to create pods that provide the nutrients most commonly found to be lacking in our diets.

With 11 different pod flavors to choose from, you can feel confident that you are getting the nutrients your body needs for optimal health while keeping hydrated, including Hydra+, Sports+, Iced Tea+, Energy+, Beauty+, and Immunity+, as well as flavor profiles like blueberry pomegranate, watermelon, pineapple coconut, green apple, and peach. According to Vitapod, the plastic pods are “biodegradable” because an organic compound in the cup helps them biodegrade faster than plastic.

The Vitapod machine typically retails for USD 349 today for starting kit. How amazing is that! Pods cost about $34.99 and are sold in 30-packs. Now Save $15 on a Vitapod Machine or Vitapod Machine Starter Pack at when using code MOM15. Expires 9/30/21.

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