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Who watched POLO sports? I do, and that’s because of the new Royal couple did you see Meghan Markle gives a kiss to her Prince?  That’s so sweet A little PDA between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  So, It only made sense I partner with US POLO ASSN. with this Blog post.

Yesterday, Billy and I we went out for a little date night out and I wore this big gold watch.  And his wondering and immediately asked me is that for men watch? I just can’t stop laughing. And he actually thought I brought that watch for him. So, I figured he just gives me an idea for his next present.

Anyways, I gather all of my favorite pieces from U.S  POLO ASSN. WEBSITE  that you may like. All the photos direct to the link. Hope you guys having a great weekend!

Happy Shopping Everyone,



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