Hi there! Today’s my 39th weeks of pregnancy and you don’t have idea how excited I am to see my little one. During this moment I’m experiencing mild contractions, Groin pain, Pelvic pain well, most likely feel like menstrual cramps. And also tightening around my abdomen. I’m hoping he will come out before Christmas and […]

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Christmas Theme | Engagement Party

Before anything else. I genuinely want to congratulate the new young happy couple. Today, we celebrated Elaine & Kyle’s engagement party. And  I’m truly happy involving with this very especially event. Five more days to go before Christmas! And if you guys planning, party for this holiday this is a great decoration idea for you […]

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Last Christmas

Hi there! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, obviously i post this late cause lately i spend a quality time with my hubby tru skype. His working on the  house, its so funny cause  felt i was there with him planning….. while his doing the new painting. Since hubby’s in US i invited my […]

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