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Hi Peeps!

This time i would like to share with you my San Juan getaway. My friend Grace, introduced me this beautiful place called Sebay. The people are nice, jolly and approachable. The food and drinks are reasonable price and is not crowded as i thought. San Juan is one of surfing destination in Northern Luzon, I should say, tourist destination. I notice a lot of foreigner in the area learning this sports. The waves is perfect level for beginners. But i don’t even tried a ride, I’m afraid to be hit by the board. hehehe, Beside playing in the sand and waves with my daughter is superb.

If you planned your vacation in this summer? La Union Surf Central is perfect destination for your family & friends.  summer11 summer4accentials


SWIMWEAR i purchase this last year on ebay, its inspiration design from Victoria Secret Monokini i like this swimsuit because of the cut, it brings your shapes back  Its quiet daring but so classy and stylish.

SHADE From A.O optical.

SUN BLOCK i get this product as a Freebies from Secret of the Stars, I found there site on Instagram, I personally like this Spray, i don’t need to brag  on this product but i just loved it this cuties, me and my family used this on our trip we exposed to the sun so much and surprisingly we don’t get any skin damage or  sun burns.


HYGIENE  All women need to be stay healthy, confident and i trust lactacyd brand for my daily freshness.

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  1. These photos are great! The water looks tempting and Alisz looks like she was havin so much fun! Adding San Juan to my list of future destinations.. thanks for sharing, Rech!

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