Spring Flowers

2015-04-02 14.35.02

2015-04-02 14.37.15

We loved spring… Who doesn’t? Today me and my daughter strolling around. And these beautiful blooming flowers made us smile. And i cant resist to capture all these colorful wild flowers while I’m walking.  So excited to share these fun shoot with you guys. All the lovely mesmerizing colors and beautiful weather is so relaxing.

All photos I  are taken  from my cellphone camera with natural daylight. With no special lenses, Well…. hope you guys like it. And have a good peace spiritual lenten season to all.

2015-04-02 14.38.22

2015-04-02 14.39.31

2015-04-02 14.40.40

2015-04-02 14.41.30

2015-04-02 14.42.33

2015-04-02 14.47.26

2015-04-02 14.48.10

2015-04-02 14.48.38

2015-04-02 14.49.17

2015-04-02 14.50.03

2015-04-02 14.50.46

2015-04-02 14.51.23

2015-04-02 14.52.02

2015-04-02 14.53.19

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