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My Daughter Alisz turns nine, and I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when she was in my womb.

We all know that every girl is a Princess in her way! So, I thought, why we do a pre-birthday photoshoot? Before her birthday I had purchased a dress and crown for her. Surprisingly, I was amazed by the price. The dress was stunning and fit for a princess. And be crown was so glamorous that you may find it real because of its elegance.

During our photoshoot, Alisz looked impressive in what she was wearing, and her personality stands out and becomes the best version of herself.

When Billy and I saw the upshot photos. We come to understand that Alisz is no longer a baby. She will continue growing up, become a young teenager, later an adult, and it is a process that we can’t just stop. But one thing for sure, she will always be our baby.

And I wish this would be a long… long way journey to become Once upon a time.



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