Hi Everyone! My Daughter Alisz turns nine, and I can’t believe the time has gone by so fast. It seems like it was just yesterday when she was in my womb. We all know that every child eagerly waits for their birthdays to come. They need something really exciting to make the wait worthwhile. There are many ideas for birthday gifts, but one of the most memorable gifts is PRINCESS PHOTOSHOOT pre-birthday photo session. It is an exciting experience for both the child and the parents.

I would love to share a few pictures from my daughter’s Alisz pre-birthday photo shoot in a gorgeous purple princess dress. She has long and beautiful hair styled to mermaid hair with a glamorous crown.

During our princess photoshoot. Alisz looked impressive in what she was wearing her personality stands out and becomes the best version of herself. She was feeling like a princess and we had so much fun while doing a shoot being a mom and a photographer and my husband had an opportunity to be my assistant.

And I wish this would be a long… Long way journey to become Once upon a time.


When Billy and I saw the upshot photos, we came to understand that Alisz was no longer a baby. She will continue growing up, become a young teenager, later an adult, and it is a process that we can’t just stop. But you’re still as adorable as ever. You still held my hand as you walked in for your first day of school.

You run out of school activities for water and a quick hug and kiss before you run back in. I love that you still like to be around me, even around your friends. And I selfishly hope that never ends.

I love that you are my daughter—a bright bit of sunshine in our home.

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