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Perfect Liquid Eyeliner That WON’T SMEAR


Warmer weather is here, so it’s time to make everything smudge-proof, especially your eyeliners! The other day I got a new eyeliner that I was super pleased with, so I’ve decided to do a blog post on my new favorite eyeliner!


Wet n wild liquid eyeliner has everything that you want in a liner its a long-lasting and very creamy eyeliner that is easy to apply. The waterproof and smudge-free formula holds in place all day long. It has a sleek triangle shape that makes it easy to maintain, in which the ultra-fine brush deposits a thin line of stark matte-ink flow from every angle, making it perfect for classic cat-eye flicks, and it features a super-flex felt. These waterproof eyeliners launched in 2020, and I’ve got you covered on if they’re worth your money. I love wet n wild eyeliners, so I was ecstatic to try these out!


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So here are my best “top” tips!

  • Curl your lashes before you go in with your liquid eyeliner.
  • Drawing 3 dashes along your lash line, then connect the dots.
  • Start in The Middle move towards the outer corners to create the wing and fill in the color.
  • Use a tightly wound cotton swab dipped in the eye cream to remove residue.

I hope you enjoy and let me know YOUR favorite tips in the comments, stay smudge!

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