Hello 2018! In this past few months I’ve done quite parties. And I know sometimes its overwhelming but no complains I love events. As always my friends says “I always makes excuses to celebrate” Actually that’s true… And to see my families getting together and see everyone its so fulfilling. If you Plan to celebrate black and gold theme party this could be perfect or maybe a New years eve party at home here’s some ideas and details.

Color Scheme Black and Sparkles can’t never go wrong. Especially gold they are so magical, what would  a New Years Party be without glitter right? Sparking  sequin Table Cloth and black table cloth are from AMAZON

Beverage Table- This is really important your guest will drink all night so make sure you have enough refreshing  for everyone.  Champagne is also a great idea and this time I decided to make a champagne tower.  Since, I used plastic glasses I poured them individually and I also prepared juices and fruits for non alcohol and those accessories on the glasses like Glitter stirrers are they lovely? I just love them.

Food and Snacks – Since we starts early I prepared a buffet dinner for everyone! If you preferred party starts late like 9:00pm its more completely fare game your party is more drinks only affair. But make sure you have plenty of snack like cold sandwich and cold meat crackers and cheese these is a good food idea to drink with your stomach.

So there you have it guys. Hope you get some ideas and if you do like this blog post please share it and follow my Pinterest 


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