My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California

There’s something about visiting small towns. For me, It feels pretty magical, from the quaint shops and the local markets to the traditional annual events and parades. I feel lucky we live in California, and we can explore My Top 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in Californiafor a day trip here. If you’re looking for some captivating experience in California, I listed some of my Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town you must visit while you are in California.

1. Carmen by the Sea

My Top: 5
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Whimsical cottages meet stunning coastline in this artist colony-turned-luxury retreat. We enjoy spending our entire day here exploring. My kids love the Cottage of Sweet my daughter said everything looks like Fairy Tale.

My Top: 5 Small

There are so many places to visit in this little village. Check out some antique stores and Arts shops. so , they have a lot of restaurants and award-winning winery tasting rooms. This place is a perfect little getaway for couples and families.

My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California
My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town

2. Capitola

My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California

If you want to feel the ambiance of Italy, visit Capitola. This colorful town will not disappoint you. The bright, beautiful paint on each wall gives me a little happiness.

My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California

Make sure you have your camera ready handy. For your Instagram photos because this small village is one of the instagramable locations. Also, parking can be tricky to find since this famous multi-color village is so popular.

My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California

3. Solvang

My Top: 5 Small Beautiful Town Must Visit in California

If you like the Danish ambiance, visit this lovely village. looks and smells like Christmas year-round, with twinkling lights at night and baked goods served fresh every morning. Solvang, a quick 45-minute drive from Santa Barbara, is a truly unique village rife with activities, seasonal festivals, wine-tasting rooms and delectable dining. Bring the whole family — including the pooch! — or plan a couple’s getaway.

4. Avalon

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If you want an island escape, Avalon Catalina island is a sweet memory we experience. This is located in southern California. We loved the crystal water here. Also, we visited the casino one of the most historic iconic building; if you are thinking of gambling, that’s not the case here. They get the name from the Italian means gathering place. Also, the view from the Terrence was spectacular.

5. Mendocino

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Road tripping in California is the best! And if you want an adventure cruising down to Highway 1 is really an experience. Mendocino will not disappoint you. The village is vibrant and beautifully preserved with gorgeous natural surroundings complemented by beautiful architecture – rows of elegant Victorians and cottages; the historic Main Street and Lansing Avenue are full with lovely shops, galleries, boutiques, and cafes and more.

There you have it guys. Thank you for reading I hope this found this blog helpful. Let me know where is your favorite little town maybe we will visit it one day.

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  1. If given the chance I would take a walk and tour the whole place with my son in the very beautiful place Carmen by the sea and Capitola. Really great place to bond with my son and time to relax.

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