My Pink & Purple Birthday

Hey There….. It’s my birthday!

Last couple years I celebrated my birthday in a restaurant with my siblings and parents but this time. I invited my friends to my place last Tuesday, And I made it simple and sweet. Also, I did four courses, salad, soup and pasta for everyone with the helped of my younger sister Rose then, I decorated pink and purple concept because it’s my daughter’s favorite color, Seems it’s her party she really appreciated the decoration and the sweet corner. Well all moms do, When it comes to their daughters… And I think I was living my own fairy dream through her.  Anyways I  brought extra fountain fireworks for my cake, I always feel awkward about buying a cake for my birthday.  So, I decided to purchase these fireworks candle instead. And who’s ever giving me a cake on my birthday it’s gonna be extra special because of the fountain fireworks candle and it was the highlight of this party. No birthday can be complete without this sweet treats for everyone. Yet, thank you Travel’s Club for the cake.

Once again, I’m so overwhelmed those who greeted me on my facebook wall. Thank you to all who send a birthday wishes  thru SMS and Instagram. And of course, Thank you to all who came to my Birthday dinner despite the rainy day and Thank you for all the lovely presents for me and Alisz we loved them all.