Two weeks ago, I celebrated my baby shower / Billy’s Birthday Party, and thanksgiving get together with families, friends, and relatives. Yay! All together in one celebration. Time flies it seemed only yesterday, I found out that I’m pregnant. And now, just waiting for my due date in 3 weeks, and I will see my baby boy, “Bill Zega Sayaphupha.”

It was so lovely to be surrounded by family, friends i fell so much love and support. It made me appreciate how fortunate I am. And I’ am so thankful and blessed to have some amazing people around me. This event will never happen without these incredible relatives, friends, and family. First, thanks to my sisters in law, Lily, for moving around getting stuff for me. My supportive friend Annie, Asha & Rick who help a lot during preparation and setting up. Elaine & Michelle they make the party lively by hosting the program and games. Also Dalena who help me capture this beautiful moment.

Thank you so much for reading and for stopping by.