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You all know how we love snacking on the road. Snacking on the road is a must! This crunchy delicious is the perfect snack for my family its healthy, delicious, and wakes us up in every crunchy bite.

The products all come in four delicious flavors. Now, Available to purchase on, and you can use the code MOMS LOVE for a 25% discount on every purchase only valid until 10/31/21.

Here are my review for each flavor.

Sea Salt – This flavor is my kid’s favorite. Sea Salt is for those who enjoy the simple things in life. Seasoned with delicious sea salt, these corn kernels are perfect for any time of the day! Light and crunchy.

Smoked BBQ – Inhale the aroma of BBQ goodness. Yes! We have these snacks while we were watching TV with my hubs. Seasoned in smokin’ hickory, these kernels are roasted nice and slow. Kick back and relax and get in that BBQ state of mind.

Habanero Chilli – Get ready to be hot and bothered; this my favorite spice, the habanero. These flavor kernels will knock your socks off. If you like it hot as I do, then these will tickle your taste buds.

Salt & Vinegar – Try their new flavor; I assure you that you’ll like it if you have a sour taste, the salty goodness with mouth-puckering vinegar. You also have to enjoy quite a crunch that you can resist.

I’m so glad that I found LOVE CORN for my family because I wanted to find a healthier snack option on the go, without all the harmful additives. #Love Corn delivered their promise! Good flavors all around, and the variety pack has been the best value for frequent snackers.

I honestly loved all of their flavors! Fresh, crunchy, tasty, and healthy snacks to share with everyone! I can’t wait for you will try these irresistible snacks, and Let me know which one is your favorite flavor; As always, I appreciate you are here, and I hope you like this post; Thank you for stopping by.


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