Last Christmas

christmas 1 Hi there! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, obviously i post this late cause lately i spend a quality time with my hubby tru skype. His working on the  house, its so funny cause  felt i was there with him planning….. while his doing the new painting. Since hubby’s in US i invited my siblings to celebrate a Christmas BBQ party with me and it went  exciting and fun day. We are not  exchanging a  gift this year, but we gives lots of  love and i think that’s  the best thing ever. christmas 2

christmas 3This gold coin chocolate it add a centerpiece on the table.


We really love this  Brioche Bordelaise  from French Baker  Sweet and fruity i love the nuts,orange peel and raisins, this is like a combination of bread and fruit cake.

christmas 5

christmas 6

christmas 7

christmas 8This is my plate  beef Steak, Skewers, Grill Prawns, Potatoes and Caesar salad  with my favorite wine, no diet this time!

christmas 9

christmas 10

christmas 11

 She so behaved in the corner playing.

 How you celebrate your Christmas?

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