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Kid friendly Winter Wonderland Party Ideas

Life is busy. The holiday season is busier than usual. Do you find it really difficult to fit in Christmas when your life is already so busy? I’m sure I do.

My family just returned from a birthday vacation a few weeks ago, and now that December has arrived, it means the holidays have begun… There is also a lot of pressure to make everything magical and memorable for the people in my house.

From settling into our new home to celebrating events, this is a busy time of year, and home will be fully home when we celebrate Christmas also some products from ZALISZ.STORE the holiday annual sale is going on with my personalize code just for my audience. HIRECHEL20 for 20% discount and plus FREE SHIPPING!

Here are some simple ideas I recently did for a kid-friendly winter wonderland party that you can host at home.

So let’s bring on the Christmas Tree!

Christmas isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. This is the holiday’s main attraction (except for foods and people, ofcourse).

My Christmas tree is simply reusable; I used it in my previous home and obviously purchased some add-on ornaments and lights to make it as new and beautiful as you see it now.

My children absolutely love the tree as much as I do. When I walk into the room, the looks around and moves a few things around.

Sugar Saver Ornament

Theme of White and Red

This year, I decided to go with a white and red and shimmery gold Christmas theme.

Since the dawn of time, the colour red and white has been associated with Christmas. Do you know why? First and foremost, it is the colour of Santa’s clothing. Second, it captures the warm memories that make Christmas so special. But, above all, the red and white colour combination is extremely soothing and familiar.

This lively and bright colour scheme brings warmth to any space (especially with our current home!).

Hot Coco Table

The holiday of Christmas is one that is long awaited by children, and that, I have made efforts to make sure that the food that is being prepared is suitable for children, and I have also made the decision to set aside a table for them that will feature a chocolate drink and some cookies they will surely love to eat!

Sugar Saver Ornament
Candle Mat Nutmeg


Millions of people all over the world, young and old, are obsessed with roasting marshmallows and making the perfect squishy, gooey, toasted treat.

It is also a great time for kids to talk while eating dun, and some adult visitors have their own time while the kids are busy roasting marshmallows!

Printed Menu and Activities

Because I am a conscientious person who enjoys planning the menu and activities ahead of time, I made sure to create one. It is beneficial for guests to have an idea of what to expect when attending a specific event.

I would recommend this if you intend to host your own events as well!

Table Runner 

Cozy Tent

Because this Christmas is all about the kids, I decided to include a tent in our home. Girls may enjoy something as they want to have fun with their friends and play hide and seek, or they may simply want a comfortable space to do whatever they want.

Red-White Ticking – Set of 2

Table Decorations

I’ve already mentioned that, in addition to the Christmas Tree, the food is going to be the primary draw at the event.

So, I make it a point to make sure that even while we are eating, we are still able to appreciate the various decorations that are on the table.

Table Runner
Table Runner

Christmas Music

Listening to music guarantees a good time for everyone present, regardless of who we happen to be hanging out with at the time.

If you want Christmas to be a time that is truly enjoyable for everyone who is participating, you should make it a point not to forget to play the best Christmas music or songs that come to mind.

Movie Watching Blanket

There you have it! I have high hopes that some of these ideas will prove useful to you as you make preparations for Christmas.

Best wishes for the Christmas and New Year holidays!

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