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Happy Mothers day to all the moms out there!

Hi Everyone! its me again, this past few months I’m not able to write a new post, for the reasons that Alisz went to school…. And as a full time mom, there’s always a lot of task to do. Taking her to school, Waking up early morning cooking breakfast, lunch and snack and planning a nutritious food and make it sure she’s not having to much junk foods. Wasn’t easy at first but now. I’m loving it! especially doing this for her.                                                    

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      Me and Alisz we like to stay home a lot. You can call us a homebody! Well I’m a frequent party goer before, now that having her change my whole view in life. I like to spend every single time with her and of course all parents loved to do! 🙂 She teach me a lot, like testing my patience and understanding over and over again.  Alisz taught me what is unconditional love is.

    If she don’t have school usually our bonding, Watching movies, teaching her ABC, doing some fun artworks, singing nursery rhyme, and Alisz favorite part eating…. Lately she been loving cheese. Volcano Cheese from Pizza Hut is one of her favorite.

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Some People think as a  home body person are boring and unadventurous. But for me,  staying home is comfortable and simple easy lifestyle. <3    Thank you so much for your time, reading and please do made some comment down below if you like hehehehe.  Happy weekend everyone! Love & Peace.

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