Which 2023 planner is best for you?

Which 2023 planner is best for you?

Now that the new year has begun, it is the ideal moment to take a look at your needs and the things that are most important to you. What is it that you hope to accomplish? Which parts of your life do you hope to develop further and get better at? How exactly do you travel to your destination? There are probably a lot more questions, but right now is the best time to prioritize yourself out of all the possible times.

Leave your baggage behind and give yourself a new beginning!

Here, we’ve put together a great list of the best and most affordable Journal /Planners for every type of goal and need.

Begin Within Eco-Friendly Wellness Journal

Begin Within is a daily healing journal for those living life with chronic illness, mental illness, or other health-related challenges.

This journal allows you to document everything from your vitals to your nutrition, mood, medications, symptoms, challenges, and accomplishments (big and small), with a focus on gratitude.


Leather Journal


The handmade leather journal is a classic 2nd Story good!

Use this leather-bound journal to process, dream, draw, pray, stay organized, and use it as a personal diary…the possibilities are endless!

Handcrafted Wooden Journal / Planner / Notebook

Our handcrafted wood journals come in classic sizes for easy on-the-go note-taking. Whether you’re in-office or on the road, our customized made-to-order journals present a sharp personalized product like no other.

10-Minute Essay Journal & Prompt Booklet Set

Kid-friendly Winter

Dual loading Leather Portfolio

Really handsome portfolios are made with locally-sourced leather! Stay organized and look really good doing it! Each one has the capacity to carry a legal type pad or load it from the side with a moleskin-type journal.

Complete with two pockets for top-load notepads, two horizontal pockets for notebook-style pads or stuffing other things, one medium pocket, three card pockets, and two pen pockets!

Are you ready to make the change? Live with passion, purpose, and intention!

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