As a mom we always care of our child health and food they ate. And today let me share my own experience how to know our little ones are ready to try solid food. Generally accepted that babies should only give solid food around six months. But for me, I start introducing Zega’s solid food when his 18 weeks four and half months to be exact. And I followed this sign:

  1. Show interest when food is around them.
  2. Sit up by them-self in high chair
  3. Opens his mouth wide when offered a spoonful of food.
  4. Can move food to the back of his mouth with his tongue.

Its so fun watching him waiting for his food to be ready and his enjoying every new flavors of it. I also very careful if he have any allergic reaction. So far none. (Thank God)

I starts with a few taste like:

  1. Fruits – Mashed Banana or Home made Applesauce (Alisz’s made)
  2. Grains – Rice and Cereal with Baby formula Enfamil
  3. Vegetables- Mashed Avocado or Homemade mashed Potato

I also used baby spoon from Munchkin  I personally recommended this baby spoon is so easy to determine I’m not giving him hot food.  Wait for it to cool, dip it , and if the tip is no longer white – voila! food is ready.

Solid foods can be fun, but breast feed or formula milk is still matters most. Thank you so much for reading….




Thank you Enfamil for sponsoring this post and giving us a free stuff to use.


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