I loved cooking, especially for my family. But I have to admit is really a lot of work planning your recipe and do grocery shopping especially shopping with a toddler. Besides, some of the stuff I purchase end up, throw them away. Then I Found hello fresh on Groupon. It’s nice to try for a week. Free shipping and free handling no tax. And my first impression is very clean and looks fresh and not to mention delicious all the ingredients comes in one box. Except salt, peppers, oil, that most of us sustain it at home. The meat and fish is vacuum sealed in one bag. They have vegetarian, classic and family choices for your reference. Also, I loved the idea if In case you’re on vacation or away from home, you can manage to pause your boxes for the next dates.

I really enjoyed all the meals I received from  hello fresh  the quality  of my meals is very flavorful and easy to follow all the instructions. If you want to try  hello fresh.  Sign up now and use my referral code S2L5T2 during your checkout. You will receive $40 discount in your first order box.

Happy Cooking!


Rechel S.

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