Greenlight Debit Card for Kids: SPEND WISELY AND INVEST

Greenlight Debit Card for Kids: SPEND WISELY AND INVEST


What is Greenlight?

The Greenlight Debit Card is specifically designed to enable parents to help their children manage money. It comes with all of the features one would expect from a prepaid debit card, along with additional features designed to help parents manage the card. These features include everything from chore management to autopilot allowance to store-specific spending controls. It also has features designed to teach children how to manage their money.

My daughter Alisz loves having her debit card! Since she had a couple of crisp 100-dollar bills, she’s been saving for a long time now. And she asked me to move 100 into green light. I love the idea of this app and the card to go with it.” Excellent lessons to experience at such an early age.

Our kids hated the old school savings account deal; we would give them the old line about putting it in savings, then they would never see the money again. Sure, they had savings accounts, but they were not learning anything about money and protection. With greenlight, it’s all interactive at a level they understand – with profound parental control that makes me feel comfortable. Our kids also use the earn function a lot. If they want something, we have them put in at least some work for it.

We’re super excited to start using it. And my daughter alis enjoyed using her debit card to purchase. I am now not worried about the money they get paid for their allowance whenever I require her a chore. I chose to go with this app because of the debit card feature; You can then also assign duties that are assigned extra money and can be redeemed (which I know is also a feature of Greenlight).

I think learning about money, finances, interest, and taxes should be taught to our children at an early age to develop and retain good financial skills growing up in a very entitled generation. This has allowed me to show my kids how to earn money, save money and learn to spend their money more wisely


I enthusiastically recommend Greenlight to every family looking for a debit card for their child. We have been starting using this card several times, and it is perfect. I can link my child’s card to funds that I transfer from my account and release the money to her as she needs it. The controls in the app allow you to monitor all activity on the child’s card and limit both the type and amount of approved expenditures. The card can be immediately disabled through parental controls. I receive notification of every expenditure, and the app will inform my child of deposits to her account. The card has a function that allows for automatic payment of allowances if desired. There is also a savings and charitable donation feature. This is the perfect debit card solution for our family!

The developers of this app thought of everything! Highest recommendation

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