Grab A Tea

grab8 Hey There! Summer, Summer, Summer Super hot in here and this kind of season made me thirsty. :-/ While my brother’s driving looking a place to hang out. We found a place just right in this weather. grab7grab5grab6

Bubble Tea also known as Pearl Milk Tea which is originally from Taiwan during late 80’s. Well, i used to worked in greenwich as a PR representative, and that was my first time tasted the tapioca balls, i really loved it, Besides is sweet…..  so soft, chewy and fun to eat! grab2 “Grab A Tea” offered a variety drinks from green Tea to Fruit Flavors, Tapioca Balls, jellys, lychee, nata de coco and many more! Grab3 While enjoying the atmosphere of the place, you can take a picture and post on your favorite social media using their Free High Speed WiFi. This Boba house is good for meetings or just hanging out with your friends.Grab4grab9staff

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