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Good Gut Health

Good gut health is the prime building block in our kid’s healthy body. The bacteria in our kid’s gut plays a vital role in keeping them healthy, both mentally and physically, and also reduce the risk of illness and disease there are many different ways to boost gut health and build a beneficial microbe. Eating a diet high in various probiotics and fibers such as prebiotic foods, and drinking supplements is a great time to start to build a strong, happy, and healthy gut before the age of four or five.

Gut Connection Kids from Country Life

Gut Connection kids from Country life —This is the perfect alternative for me to maintain gut health in my two kids and help us get through the combination of flu and the cold season quickly approaching during this pandemic.

I just recently learned about Gut Connection Kids by Country Life, and my kids have been able to try their products. We started taking Gut Connection Kids from Country Life with the Immune balance supplements every morning before my daughter started her virtual learning to add a daily boost to her immune system; Gut Connection Kids from Country life is one of the first children’s formulas to include clinically studied Epicor® which is a Dried yeast fermentate prebiotic helps maintain good digestive and support immune and gut health in times of stress.

My daughter loves the sweet and sour taste. And my youngest son loves the fun animal shape of the supplement. I like how its supplements support their gut in a fun way that is a different form of probiotic by stimulating their GI system and create their healthy bacteria and leads to a good mood every day.

We should invest in our kids gut health in their early years will not only improve their overall health in the short term but will also set them up for good health later in life

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