Glamping at Mendocino


Traveling with kids can be hard sometimes, but this campsite makes it easier for us. It’s our first glamping experience and we truly enjoyed this little getaway with my family. The campsite is so magical. The trees, birds are singing in a quiet peaceful place it’s so lovely. Today I’m going to share our stay at Mendocino Grove

One of the facilities includes wagons for guests to use. It’s so lovely to walk around the property, hauling my kid’s toddler in the cart, and they enjoyed it! The whole place is well maintained; also, they have a fire pit each tent and picnic tables and complimentary gas BBQ with a stove. And some games in the area like bocce ball court, volleyball, and horseshoe games. My kids loved it!

And you can borrow books and board games to use. They offered yoga classes some of the days. In the common area, they have 24 hours tea bar that you can enjoy—also, some complimentary yogurt, bars, and fruits from 6:00 to 9:30.

The amenities, just like a hotel it has a fresh towel to use the beds are clean and neat also they have a heated blanket I’m so impressed to get these amenities honestly: hot and cold shower and full stock of shampoo, conditioner, and body. Also, a designated area to wash your dishes and utensils with dishwashing liquid and sponge and hairdryer and hair straightener is available in the bathroom.



I also shared some food ideas during our glamping check this quick and easy recipe.

The staff members are so friendly and helpful. Thank you so much for this experience Mendocino Grove and thank you for arranging this enjoyable experience Hype.


Thank you so much for reading, and let me know if you experience glamping before, and I will love to know how your experiences. If you have any recommendations, I’m still searching which our next glamping destination.

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