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Feeling spooked about what the pandemic will look like this Halloween?

Pandemic Halloween will be different than regular Holliday in November. This is supposed to be the scariest holiday on the calendar. In a year that’s been plenty scary, this much is clear.

“Traditional trick-or-treating house to house does not feel like a wise choice to me this year.

Staying home is the best way to protect our kids and others during the Pandemic.

Don’t cancel Holliday this year! Let’s make Halloween 2020 happen! Because pandemics can be reasonably safe. Here are my Alternatives and ideas for trick or treating safety in 2020.

These BAT OREOS are made with Double Stuff Oreos, melted chocolate, and candy eyes. This recipe is simple and fun for kids to make and enjoy! 

To make it, you take an Oreo and cut it in half, then break it apart to get four pieces for the bat wings. Then take two of those cookie pieces and insert them into the cream filling of an Oreo to make the wings. Next, evenly spread melted chocolate across the top half of the Oreo, add the candy eyes, and you are done! Such a tremendous quick or last-minute Halloween treat.

Kids will surely love another easy treat recipe is the MARSHMALLOW POPS; this quick and easy recipe for marshmallow pops is a fun dessert; make them as ghosts, mummies, pumpkins, and Frankenstein, or monsters.

Decorate with candy sprinkles, or add faces using an icing bag (or melted candy added to a Ziploc bag and cut the tip-off).

In a microwavable safe bowl or coffee mug, microwave one color of candy melts and 1 Tablespoon shortening uncovered on Medium (50%) for 1 minute, stir. Continue microwaving for 15-second intervals, until melted; stirring in between until smooth.

If candy is too thick, add a little more shortening. Dip the tip of 1 lollipop stick about 1/2 inch into any color of the melted candy and insert the stick into one marshmallow about halfway; this will act like glue holding the marshmallow onto the lollipop stick.

Repeat for each pop. Allow candy to harden; you can speed this up by placing them in the refrigerator for about 3-5 minutes. (Repeat with additional colors)

Add a spooky touch to your recipe with these easy CHOCOLATE SPIDER BITES. This quick and easy recipe for the spider is a fun dessert; make them spider on the web. Perfect for that extra touch needed on Halloween Eve.

Combine Oreo Cookies with cream cheese to make these decadently sweet Oreo Spider Bites for your Halloween party. They are a bit creepy but adorable.

Halloween WITCH HATS, Hats off to these chocolate temptations made from ice cream cones and purchased cookies. Each cone is filled with candy treats before it is attached to the base, making for a sweet surprise.

Fill the ice cream cones with small candies. Pipe chocolate ice cream cone. Press chocolate cookie on top of the frosting to adhere, decorate with additional frosting and candies.

MUMMY RICE KRISPIE, These brown-butter rice Krispie treat mummies are the perfect, easy Halloween treat to serve at any Halloween party. We’ve given the classic Rice Krispie treats a little spook and turns them into mummies! Kids and adults will love them!

Celebrate Holliday with fun decorations in each door in a particular theme at home, get indoor activities for kids by making some Easy treats, and try a trick or treating 2020 at home instead.

Do you have tips for a safe Halloween and how to do the trick or treating safely during the pandemic? Leave a comment on my blog post.

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