Parol is a traditional Filipino star-shaped Christmas Ornamental lantern; I remember when I was a little girl we used to do this as a school project every December in the Philippines. Also, you’ll see many parol vendors along the busy street with bright, colorful “STAR” and during night time the whole street will be full of lights! Parol This is primarily made up of bamboo sticks, and rubber band strings and Japanese craft/gift paper put the ones hung outside. But some creatives use plastic bottles and recycle plastic. Just so lovely to see some people help the environment. But for now, I would like to introduce the standard Parol to my young children and showed them how to make it.

Me and my kids had so much fun making this home project. And I want to continue this tradition.

Also, I made an easy way how to make the base of the star using a crafting stick since bamboo is so hard to find here in the United States.

What You Need


Jumbo Crafting Stick

Hot Glue Stick

Hot Glue Gun

School Glue

There you have it! I hope you like the Filipino Christmas Tradition. Let me know if you made a Parol before and how it goes?

Thank you so much for stopping by, and we wish you a Merry Christmas ❤️ From our family to yours.

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