Denim Jacket | 31 weeks pregnant


These days I feel his kicking and movement day and nighttime. Which is so incredible feeling as a momma, but sometimes so worried about delivery and healing process as the day get closer. Also, I’ve been noticing this bump is going bigger and bigger every day, Also deciding what to wear is a little harder. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant. And I feel I’m getting to pop any days, so I tried not to buy too many maternity clothes. Instead, I’m figure out what can I use in my old closet. Here’s what I’ve come up with. A high waisted stretch skirt to show off my baby bump I paired a striped T-shirt. And layer a jean jacket… And I think it definitely goes. Denim Jacket is an easy, effortless look during the fall season. How about you guys, what’s your favorite look this fall? Leave me any comments or drop me some emails.
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