Curry Fried Rice

Hi friends!

Its Monday…… How’s your weekend? Lately I been cooking noodles for passed couple days. And i missed rice, So i made this delicious nutritious fried rice.




1 tablespoon oil

2 eggs, whisked in a bowl

1/2 cup  onion, fine dice

1/3 cup carrot, fine dice

1/4 cup cooked green peas

3 cups cooked rice

80 grams, sliced ham, cut into 1/4″ pieces

1 tablespoon curry powder

1 teaspoon soy sauce

salt and pepper to taste

1 scallion sliced thin

Iceberg Lettuce (optional)


Heat a frying pan or wok over high heat. Add half  of the oil and then swirl it around the pan to coat. Add the egg and scramble vigorously with a spatula to break it up into small chunks.

When the eggs, are barely cooked, transfer them to a plate.Add the rest of the oil to the pan along with the onion carrot and green peas. Stir-fry until the carrots are tender.

Add the rice, using your hands to crumble the rice apart as much as possible. Stir-fry, using the spatula to break up the rice so that there are no clumps.

Add the ham, and then sprinkle on the curry powder, soy sauce, and pepper. Stir-fry until the curry is fragrant and the rice is shiny. Return the egg to the pan along with the scallions and mix to combine. Taste for salt and adjust as needed. Garnish with lettuce and scallions and Serve.

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