The Lunar New Year truly is an amazing cultural holiday, and there’s no better spot to experience it than in Chinatown San Francisco! From visiting temples, seeing the colorful decorations and eating traditional meals, you can fully submerge yourself in the rich culture surrounding this occasion. I had such a wonderful time exploring the beautiful city and learning more about this traditional holiday. If you find yourself planning a Lunar New Year getaway, don’t forget to visit Chinatown San Francisco. I have a full travel package that leaves nothing out – from plane tickets to hotel accommodations – so that you can take advantage of all the amazing opportunities San Francisco has to offer during this special time! Get ready for unforgettable memories!

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Away from Asia, it’s nice to visit and introduced Asian culture to my kids by visiting Asian Shop, Pastry and Restaurant and walk around.

It was a great day to stroll through Chinatown before the festive season come. It’s fewer people on the street, and this a great way to take advantage of taking Street photography.

And here are a few things we did.

I hope you guys have a great new year!

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