Chicken Stew with Black Fungus

Hi everyone!

I am in the  middle of cooking another dish while I’m writing this new article. 

A lot of people thought I didn’t know how to cook. But honestly I have loved staying in the kitchen since I was in grade school. Just like a little mouse in the kitchen.  Anyway, Let’s get to the point. This time I’m going to share with you my favorite dish.

Chicken Stew is one of the classic Chinese dishes. This is a very traditional Chinese food and every Chinese family will have their own version of this. 

Actually my husband Billy taught me how to cook this dish.  When I first heard about fungus It sounds weird. The word fungus itself does turn a lot of people off. Basically Fungus is just like mushrooms, except the texture. It is thinner than mushroom, every bite is a snappy crunch and it’s  fun to eat. It goes so well with stewed chicken. I really enjoyed this recipe. I loved cooking this dish it’s so effortless.


1/2 Tablespoon  Vegetable Oil

1/2 cloves of  Garlic

1 Piece of Peel Ginger Slice into Pieces

1/2 kilo  Chicken cut into Pieces

3 tablespoon Oyster Sauce

1 tablespoon Soy Sauce

4 Boiled Eggs

6 Pieces Black Fungus (cold ear) soak in water until soft


Heat up the wok/skillet on high heat. Add the oil.  Add the garlic and ginger and stir fry until aromatic. Add the chicken and stir continuously until the meat turns opaque. Then,  add the Oyster sauce and soy sauce stir to combine well then, add the black fungus and peeled boiled eggs. Turn down the heat to low, cover the pot and simmer on low heat, for about 10  minutes or so, until the chicken is tender. If the sauce dries up, add some water to dilute the sauce.  Serve warm with steamed rice.


If you don’t like black fungus, you can substitute with dried or fresh mushrooms.

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