Banana Republic Blazer Over The Shoulder

 banana Republic BlazerToday im waering my Banana Republic Blazer Over The Shoulder. I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of fasionista’s  wearing thier jacket or Blazer on their shoulder. Its really chic look and very practical without putting any efforts. Its very  easy accessories. If you think of it, a coat or jacket laying on your shoulder might not really stay in place for a long time. However, it can add a layer of warmth, and make your outfit look richer. It’s also easy to take off, and easy to put on when the wind starts blowing. So, how to drape your jacket over your shoulders? Here are some tips just for you…

blog8-3 ofotdWhen you layer your jacket over your shoulders, make sure to keep your outfit interesting and unique. And since your shoulders are practically occupied, make sure to switch your handbags or shoulder bag with a clutch, while draping your jacket over your shoulders. and most of all make sure the fabrics of both your jacket and top aren’t the same. to avoid your  jacket to easily slip.

 If you want to go for the slung-coat look, your best bet is to wear a coat that’s not too long in order for your outfit to look pulled together and not messy.

Now I’m really obsessed this Blazer and LV handbag my sister in law’s presents I really love it. So lucky to have her.

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Thank you so much for reading.


BLAZER———Banana Republic

HAND BAG—————Louis Vuitton

DRESS —————-Express



         Banana Republic Blazer Over The Shoulder           Banana Republic Blazer Over The Shoulder                  EXPRESS PINK SEXY DRESS

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