As back to School Kick off. I would like to express my gratitude to thank OSMO for sponsoring this blog post.

Hey Everyone! It’s back to school week. Last week Alisz’s was so nervous and excited to meet her new teacher. I absolutely feel her, so I had some plans to comfort her mixed emotions. After school, I took her to her favorite ice cream place. As soon we returned home I gave her a present.

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OSMO CREATIVE SMARTER KIT — This is the new version of Osmo monster. She loves this creative set she enjoys drawing and adventures. She gets very excited every time her creation transforms on screen. ” Osmo monster is funny and Silly”—Alisz; It’s truly great interactive toy  And as a parent, I feel less guilty during screen time after school. very entertaining for kids. Perfect for kids age 5- 10

OSMO CODING AWBIE GAME — This games play with purpose. It’s more problem solving ; which I love to enhanced her more. The coding blocks to make on-screen Awbie walk, grab and jump his way through a magical world. It’s a fun way to sharpening her skills. Perfect for kids age 5-12

Well, besides the best backpacks and cool shoes and cute school supplies. Receiving gifts make it more exciting, and the first day of school makes more fun.

If you like to purchase this cool interactive toys you can pickup at your local retail stores like Target, Walmart  and Apple Stores;  You can also purchase tru—Amazon,  and Osmo Store Online.

I believe back to school gifts are the greatest way to motivate our children. Well, there you have it! That’s our first week back to school story. Let me know hows your first week of school so far. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great Friday, everyone!




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