Alisz First Easter Bunny

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Hi everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope you had a fantastic one. This time i wanted to share with you, Our Easter Bunny event,  Last month I and my friends took the kids in Clark.  Since this is Alisz’s first Bunny Easter experience i introduced to her what necessary to do. I’m quite impressed she very attentive and cooperating in this event.

I’ve loved the idea of Disney it’s a bit common. But again, there’s a lot of cartoon characters to choose from.  Alisz and I liked Mickey Mouse. In the beginning, she was so afraid by the mascot, but then she gets used to,  watching the cartoon character walking around.   I really liked the occasion, since the venue is outdoor she gets to exercises a bit and gets some sunlight.   She so cheerful when she saw  The Magic and Puppet Show. We enjoyed the whole great experience. I’m so happy being able to share with you my favorite moments in my life.  Thank you, everyone, for keeping, trusting me and following me I’m more than happy to have you all.

Most of the photographs taken by me. Hope you like it!


Love And Hugs

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