Calling all shopkins fans… Last year we celebrate Alisz’s 5th  Birthday with the Shopkins theme.  BTW She’s so obsessed with this tiny collection of hers, she actually picked this theme for her birthday.  And of-course I loved all the pastel colors and it turn out perfectly, Everyone loved it especially Alisz and her friends.

And  to be honest Shopkins are too cute even though this party was  planned last minute due of weather condition and space party  rental availability.  I’m so glad Amazon and local store has this cute stuff here’s the item I found. See down below

Napkins, Plates and Cups

Cake and Cupcakes are actually from  local Bakery shop. I add a shopkins ring on top and it was a hit the girls love it! And they wear it a ring after.

Cups for Party favors I purchase this at Party City and I filled up with shopkins  stickers, tattoo , pencils, Sunglasses.  Balloons and Party Hat are from Amazon. And the birthday girl wears   Shopkins dress  of course.

Pull String Pinata– Alisz asked me if she could have Pinata on her party but not shopkins and I wondered and I asked her why not shopkins? She answered me she afraid and she don’t like her favorite character will be punch and  hit a bat. That’s makes sense… Thank god we have pull string pinata and cookie cookie is her favorite shopkins character  she really enjoyed her day.

I’m Currently planning a Unicorn 6th Birthday party. And hopefully will turn out cute and fabulous. Thank you for stopping by.


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