Hello there! I’m back! ūüôā Its been two months not blogging, Honestly i miss it! i have a lot of thoughts and things to share with you but i don’t know how to starts.

To start of, i want  to thank you all, Yes, all  following me on twitter and instagram. My heart jumping on every single  likes, comments or favorites i received. Thank you, so much.

Not all lifestyle blogger always have good news or beautiful things to say, We are still humans. we made mistakes, but ¬†we learn from it. The ¬†past two weeks ¬†I felt so down, being a mom, always ¬†worry and concern to my child. My precious ¬†one had a ¬†little fever ¬†and i didn’t take it seriously and it went really bad, i panicked when i saw her shaking and i didn’t ¬†have idea what was it. It was a Seizure, I’m so blessed i have a good neighbor who helped me right away. We took her to the nearest medical clinic here in friendship but they did not accept us, they insisted to take her to the nearest hospital right away. The closest ¬†hospital we got in to is a public one. ¬†Though I doubt ¬†their service but it was the only option at that moment, my baby has to be seen by the doctor. I was pleased ¬†to all the OJT’s nurses who attended to us promptly. But ¬†disappointed to some senior nurses who were not compassionate enough to pay us some attention when i was hysterically crying out for help. eventually we were settle down temporarily in emergency ward. Due to disappointment to the doctors on duty, not giving the attention ¬†needed. I ¬†transferred ¬†her to the better hospital in town, We done so many test on her. She was admitted and it was also ¬†sleepless three night s for me. A lot has been bugling in my mind while waiting for the the test result. ¬†I felt a huge relief ¬†seeing her test result and knowing everything’s fine. We were told that she suffered Flatulence and thanks goodness it wasn’t serious as i thought. But now I am more careful on what not to, and to feed her to avoid cases like this that traumatized me.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all my family members and friends, who showed concern and who has been with us through out her recovery.

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Thank you Auntie Lily Sayaphupha for the outfit


Shoes——————-Rampage Girls

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