Hi, I’m Rechel  Sayaphupha and welcome to my blog!   I’m  A full time mommy of my precious little girl Alisz  and a new born Zega. A wife of Billy, And occasional part time lifestyle blogger. I’m now 32-year old. Grown up in the Philippines, Living in California, USA. I created Hi Rechel last November 2013 and aim to encourage and  inspired all women to be creative and be stylish in everyday beautiful life.

I like to mix and match the branded products and affordable finds and I loved sharing this to my readers. Hi Rechel is not only  styling blog. I also share my parenting experience, beauty tips, DIY PROJECTS, home decor, events inspiration and foodie experience. I’m so thankful to all of you for your support and please come along with me on SNAPCHAT, TWITTER, & INSTAGRAM. And please don’t hesitate to leave any thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe a newsletter for new updates. Thank you for dropping by. And have a Chic Day!


Hi Rechel Blog’s  welcome every collaborative opportunity  FOR  MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK


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