A well-rested person is more productive, more alert, and more creative. Today lets talk about Sleeping. I know it is hard to get some sleep with my kids, especially my infant starting teething. And all the daily life challenges and unexpected illnesses are harder, But I still can manage to get some rest, and here are the simple steps.

1.) Stick to your bed schedule. Some people need 8 hours of sleep. For me, all I need is 7 hours. I normally in bed around 8:30, and I give my self some time to prepare my night routine. I fall asleep around 9:00, and my wake-cycle between 1:00 am, or 3:00 am for Zega’s milk and force my self to go back to sleep right away. And it works here’s the other step.

2.) Avoid Coffee Instead Drink Warm Milk– Yes This is hard for me because I love coffee; lately, avoid drinking coffee during the late afternoon.

3.) Create your Involvement – Scented Candles, warm light, or cozy music also works too. A comfortable, clean bedroom is more night of peaceful sleep.

4.) Avoid Phone or television – I know this is impossible in the beginning. I normally checked my friend’s stories on Instagram, Snapchat, or Answering emails. This is my big distractions to stay out of this. I turn my phone to silence at night time before bed.

5.) Comfortable Sleepwear- What you wear at night is creating your comfy, good feeling. And picking a right pajama is also helps for better sleep. Some people prepared naked, and some people liked silk, cotton, and wool fabric. And I found this pajama online they are very comfortable and perfect fits I wore 0-2 size and you can shop my pajama down below or by clincking my photos.

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There you have it guys, my tips for better sleep at night. Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!