Hi Everyone! This my first blog post for this year, and let’s started with good planning. I believe planning is the best way to start the year. I hope this year will be good for us. This would be the best opportunity for us to start our new year resolution and journaling. This year I want to keep active which so hard to do since this stay home order but I wanna make this my new year’s resolution and honestly.|I have so much on-process accomplishment. And I think this is so nice to share with you.

Today’s article featured some of the 2021 inspiring journal book bestseller. Where you can apply in your daily life to develop self-care and mindset.

We all know that if you want to change something or make it better, you need to start first in yourself, and self-care is one of the most important factors; keeping a journal book encourages you to set aside time to do what’s necessary for your well-being and health. The right journal can serve as a guide for strengthening your mind-body connection.


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Taking better care of yourself is easy with this journal book. “This workbook is timely for those struggling with eating and body image disorders. Megan nails it first by defining self-love, next outlining the importance of self-love, then delivering the keys to loving you more.

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A journal intended for self-care inviting us to become more intimate with our true voice and our true nature to strengthen our mind-body-spirit connection. This is one of those rare examples that perfectly bring us to greater mindfulness.

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This book was such a lovely way to reconnect and recall some of the beautiful things with your partner. And For a lover who knows words don’t come easy, Cara Kovacs’ 100 Things I Love About You will make them flow like honey because of the specific sentences she carefully outlined. So many of us want to share the what, where, when, and why we’re in love but don’t even know where to start.

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This journal is your guide to discovering rituals that pamper you keep you organized, help you slow down, and create the perfect mindset for your well-being. It is filled with beautiful illustrations to help bring further inspiration as you create a powerful habit that restores, heals, and gives you happiness, and allows you to achieve balance in your life.

Always remember that the main factor of self-care is to focus on what makes you happy. By doing so… You must also consider your hygiene and your daily routine in your body. Exercise, drink your vitamins. Choose a trusted product that is more applicable for you, which suits your physical needs, from your diet to your body care (eyecare, haircare, skincare, etc..). Surround yourself with positive people, which I believe is happy to extend to your children, family, friends, and others. Make yourself happy, and all factors will follow. At the end of the day, we are products of our choice.

Also, I highly recommend the Me and My Big Ideas Journal and Planner. It’s so fun and very functional; also, they have this adorable sticker that will keep your Planner more attractive and look creative.


me & my BIG ideas The Happy Planner Box Kit – Live A Happy Colorful Life Theme

There you have it! I hope you like it and let me know what’s your big plans this 2021. HAPPY PLANNING!

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