Summer in California is warm as I expected. Sometimes more hotter in some cities. Oh yeah, I love summer! So nice to go out and enjoying the sunshine.
And last Saturday, if you see on my SnapChat stories. We’ve had so much fun. Billy took us out. And our first stop for lunch. A Restaurant in Alameda called Yojimbo. Sounds like the movie icon in Japan. We had a great time here. Savor this yummy food. Staff and management are very friendly.


On this day I’m wearing my latest earring collection from Alisz and Pearl how cute this apple earrings guys. What you think? A romper dress ย is must have especially in ย this summer. And I got this ย from forever 21 two weeks ago they have a huge sale guys and really surprise some dresses I only paid $5. And purse from Nordstorm Rack Shoes from Tory Burch. I noticed I got so tan in this photos. That’s how we love sun.


My cute little munchkin is so happy when Billy asks her ice cream for desserts.




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Blogger From Philippines. Living in California 32 Years Old Wife, A Mother of two Angels, Former Hotelier, Brand Ambassador.. Rechel always passionate about Beauty, Style & Food.

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