MARRIAGE is a lot of work and understanding keeping a healthy relationship its just like proper nutrition and regular exercise.

For this past year’s here’s I learned to keep our marriage happy and healthy.

RESPECT– We believe this is the key to a happy marriage. We treat each other how we want to be treated. Simple and effective.

MORE FAITH & MORE TRUST – We all knew a solid foundation of trust is to most important to keep healthy relationships. Me and Billy we always make sure we don’t hide anything. Whether financially or things we do outside. This way we build more trust and more faith.

IMPROVE OUR COMMUNICATION – Until now we still working on this (laugh out loud) Honestly our personality we are both aggressive and very expressive. But since we have two young kids at home. We try to improve our communication/conversation more kind more polite and more calmer.

SPEND MORE TIME WITH EACH OTHER- We like to travel and spending time together ever since we are in the dating period. We love taking trips and honestly, sometimes traveling can be stressful. We learned to enhance our patient and understanding.

It’s OKAY, DON’T BE ASHAMED–  A healthy relationship starts with comfortable with each other. At the beginning of our relationship, it’s hard to open everything like a past relationship, mistake decisions and embarrassing moments.  But over time we learned to embrace and accept all of this and start all over again and be happy.

KEEPING THE BEST ATTRACTION – When we meet we attract good qualities, like our appearance, body, and attitudes; however overtime those change we tried to keep it up. We Dress up and go for events, dinner date, and we dance and fall in love all over again.

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION – I’m Roman Catholic, and Billy’s is Buddhist sounds complicated, but honestly, we loved visiting church and Temples we like to introduce two religious beliefs to our kids. In this way, our kids will respect each religion. We believe a happy couple starts with pleased Spirit of God.

ARGUMENTS MANAGEMENT – This is the hardest part. We like to tease each other, and most of the time a small argument can turn to a disagreement. We practice to avoid a big discussion and walk away, and we keep a distance that way we give us alone time. If we don’t solve at the end of the night, we both don’t sleep until we don’t fix the problem and says sorry to each other. We try to forget more and forgive more.

MAINTAIN INTIMACY OUTSIDE THE HOUSE– Intimacy comes in many shapes cuddling in public can be called intimacy we do this once in a while as we travel like no one knows us.  And it’s such a wonderful feeling just like we are a new couple again.

APPRECIATION– Everyday, we give compliments, and we appreciate each other.

There you have it. That’s what I learned for a decade of our relationship.  If you have some more advice, I will love to hear from you. Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful day.

Thank you DALENA for capturing our memories.

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