10 Best Movie Marathon for Christmas to Watch in 2021

The holidays are looking drastically different for many this year, and Christmas will go on. No matter what happens in the coming months. I love everything about Christmas. From decorating, cooking some food, everything! When the cold season comes, My family’s preparations begin with watching a movie while waiting for a countdown, sit by the fire eating our favorite food, and drink hot chocolate. If you looking for a good time to celebrate Christmas, you should watch our picks for the 10 BEST MOVIE MARATHON FOR CHRISTMAS that your kids surely won’t get sleep and bored.

Here’s to actually finding something to watch (without arguments and scrolling) for the entire holiday season.

So many Christmas movies to choose from, but you can’t go wrong with these ten best movie marathons for Christmas to watch in 2020.


Christmas Ever After

Glee star and Tony award-winning actor Ali Stroker stars in this Lifetime original movie about a famous romance novelist who finds inspiration in the form of a hunky bed and breakfast owner. It’s your typical Lifetime Christmas movie fare, which is to say it’s delightful


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

This magical story about a toymaker and his granddaughter has the most impressive cast list of all the new Christmas movies out this year: Forest Whitaker, Keegan-Michael Key, and Phylicia Rashad all-star, while John Legend provided the film’s musical score.


The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

Vanessa Hudgens is back in this beloved Netflix original about two lookalikes—one a royal, one a baker—who trade places for a day. This sequel ups the drama with a third doppelgänger. Stressful!


Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square

Dolly Parton managed to put out both a holiday album and a movie this year. She’s serious about Christmas 2020, so we better pay attention. Christine Baranski plays a “wealthy and unpleasant woman” who comes home after her father’s death. She meets an angel (Parton, obviously), who kicks off a heart change and even rekindles an old romance. Remember Christine Baranski aiming a Christmas-light gun at her roof in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? The woman belongs in charming holiday movies.

Dear Santa

This is a documentary about the USPS’s Operation Santa project, which gathers kids’ letters to Santa to send replies and as many gifts as possible to kids in need. In a year when the USPS is under threat, this film will tug on your holiday heartstrings extra hard.

The Santa Squad

Rebecca Dalton plays an unemployed art teacher who takes a job with the Santa Squad. Her assignment? Lift the spirits of a wealthy widower named Gordon (Aaron Ashmore). As she plays a Maria von Trapp of sorts to this broken family, she also finds true love. Just like…Maria von Trapp.

A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince was one of Netflix’s first forays into the Christmas genre, and upon first glance, it’s full-on Christmas garbage. But if you really sit back and let go of the fact that you can call literally every twist and turn, then you come to realize that A Christmas Prince is actually the perfect Christmas movie. There’s no plot to follow or anything: it’s just full on Christmas spirit, bottled in the story of a journalist and a rogue prince in a country that isn’t even real.


Godmothered takes the fairy godmother out of the world of fables and into reality, where she must deal with the complex existence of humanity outside of a fairytale land. With Enchanted vibes throughout, this is sure to be remembered as a significant departure from Disney’s traditional storytelling.

Angela’s Christmas Wish

Kids always have their favorites and this is sure to be one of them. With a magical style of animation, a great voice cast, and another fun adventure for the young ones, this is sure to be playing in homes worldwide.

The War with Grandpa

Based on the award-winning book, The War with Grandpas takes the Oscar-winning Robert De Niro and puts him in a feud with his fictional grandson over a bedroom. Strangely enough, it’s actually hilarious.

So, go ahead, enjoy these Christmas movies now! as we rate the 10 BEST MOVIE MARATHON FOR CHRISTMAS.

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